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Power Passenger Passage Love Letter No. 1: Feelings

Hi loves! Welcome to my Power Passenger Passage Love Letter! Today I’m sending you lots of love as we all navigate Covid, the aftermath of Hurricane Ida and anything else that feels especially hard for you this week. One thing I have learned to do is allow my feelings as they pass through- ALL of them. I’m here for my anger and my fear and my sadness as much as my joy, my love and satisfaction. Just today at work we received some tragic news of patients with fresh losses followed by seeing hopeful happy patients pregnant with their rainbow babies. I get to experience the full spectrum if I am open to it. How do we do this? It has taken me some time to learn not to try to suppress or avoid or numb my emotions because I’m afraid of them in the moment. I laugh, I cry and I breathe. I am here for myself- supporting myself through all of it. One of the most helpful things I learned is just allow the feeling. Take a step back from your brain and go into your body. Describe the emotion. Where is it? What does it look like? What is the color? Texture? Temperature? Does it have a smell or a taste? Does it radiate? Is it moving or still? Is it clenching or opening? What is the feeling? Can you name it? And what is the thought causing the feeling? Once we name the thought we can step out of the thought loop and look at it- see what it’s creating, interrupt it. Just allow the feeling and be present with it and breathe. Once the thought loop is not being perpetuated the feeling will process through. We learn how to be WITH it. Now if the feeling is associated with past trauma and it feels unsafe to you to feel it you may want to have a coach or a therapist or a loved one support you through the process. For me, processing my feelings allows me to show up as my best self. To know my anger and despair and sadness but not act out from these feelings- and to also experience the good things too. I can be sad about one patient and happy for the next all at the same time. I come home from work and I’m not so exhausted from trying to resist my negative emotions. I don’t NEED wine and ice cream to make me feel better. My wish for you this week is that you learn how to feel your feelings and benefit from this as well! If you are interested in working with me in my pregnancy coaching program I would love to chat with you! I coach women in preconception and postpartum periods as well. I can also coach you on past pregnancy loss/trauma. You can schedule your free 30 min consult at the link below:

LOVE Emmie

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