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Power Passenger Passage Love Letter No. 8: Natural Pleasures

Hello loves!

I hope you are all enjoying a happy spring. We are finally getting some warmer days here in Virginia and everything is in bloom!

I love living in a place with four seasons. The street I turn into when I drive home is lined with trees and I love watching the leaves change. In the spring the recently bare branches start to form green buds that morph into clusters of light green leaves that then unfurl into dark green leaves. In the fall they change color to reds and browns then fall away.

Watching these small details of season change grounds me to present moment and gives me such great satisfaction!.

Another observation that brings me joy while driving is the alpacas. On my way to work every morning I pass a house with a big yard- the first time I saw them out I thought, “what an odd looking dog!” before realizing it was an alpaca. It started with two and now they have three and a goat. I always sneak a quick peek to see how the alpacas are doing. I also pass many beautiful cows, sheep and horses on my way to work bit it’s the alpacas that bring me joy. Sometimes they are just standing in random spots by the house and garage. Sometimes they roll around in the grass. Sometimes they are standing in front of someone sitting on the porch clearly feeding them something.

I don’t exactly know why the alpacas bring me joy. Maybe it’s just that they are kind of unusual and funny looking. Or maybe just the novelty of seeing alpacas when I grow up in the city and didn’t see any sort of farm animals regularly.

I have taken to notice all these small things that bring me joy and natural pleasure on a day to day basis. Here are a few others:

  • When I come home from work and my husband has made me a pot of tea

  • When patients take time to thank me for the care they have received. This one has taken PRACTICE not to feel squirmy about and to allow myself to believe I am deserving of their gratitude!

  • Blowing the seeds off “fluffy dandelions” with my three year old

  • Running on a spring day when it’s not to hot or cold and everything is blooming

  • Kitty snuggles

  • Curling up on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea

  • Listening to music

I’m sure I could keep going. Experiencing these joys and natural pleasures is one self care practice that has really brought more peace and joy into my life. And resilience! When we allow ourselves to experience more natural pleasure, this strengthens our resilience.

Pregnancy can be a difficult time to remember to focus on what brings us pleasure. The aches and pains, the uncertainty, the indigestion- I know I could go on! But pregnancy is a great time to take inventory of and allow ourselves to experience natural pleasures. And indulging in these natural pleasures can help make the the aches, pains, discomfort and anxiety more bearable.

What do you enjoy that allows you to experience natural pleasure?

My Finding Peace in Pregnancy course is going strong! I am having a blast working with my clients and teaching them techniques to find peace and empowerment in pregnancy. If you are interested in future courses please email me to get on the wait list!

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Love, Emmie

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