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Power Passenger Passage Love Letter No. 9: Perfectly Imperfect

Hello Loves!

I have been putting out this blog monthly since September 2021. It is now June and I have skipped the month of May. And that’s ok! I have been occupied with my physician work and the completion of my first round of my Finding Peace in Pregnancy course. Which was wonderful by the way! I am likely offering this again in the Fall. In the mean time I am offering some free summer pregnancy coaching workshops which I’m really excited about! It’s FREE so please take advantage of this amazing offer and share with your friends! Info at the bottom.

I want to talk to you today about how we are all perfectly imperfect and that’s ok! As one of my favorite coaches always says- “We are either winning or learning!” I have a goal of putting out monthly content via this blog- to share with you wonderful people the tools that have helped me and that I wish all my friends, patients and pregnant people knew about! And I did create new content in May- just not for this blog. And that’s ok! I realize that at least part of this goal has been met. And rather than see it as a failure and just give up on this blog, I’m just going to keep going where I left off!

Sometimes we have big goals and big expectations of ourselves. Especially when it comes to creating and parenting tiny humans. We will eat 100% whole and healthy foods. We will avoid all “chemicals” that could hurt us or our fertility or our babies. We will get that daily 30 min or more of exercise. We will not yell at our little ones. But then one day something comes up and we yell or we miss a day or week or meal- and then alll the thoughts come up about “blowing it” and being a “failure” for deviating from our original plan.

Here I want to offer you a few tools to get right back to your plans without having to beat up on yourself or give up:

  1. Give yourself so much love and compassion! Acknowledge that you are feeling disappointed/ frustrated or whatever uncomfortable emotion you are feeling. Then remember you are a human having a human experience- like everyone else on this planet. Remember our shared humanity. Then- talk to yourself like you are a good friend that you LOVE.

  2. Make a list of all the things you are doing RIGHT. Show your brain the positives because it is wired to see all the failures, negatives and “problems”

  3. Journal! Write down what happened and what you were thinking when you deviated from the original plan. Do this in the space of compassion and love for yourself. Why did you deviate? What else could you do instead next time? What thoughts and actions or preparation might help you stick to the plan next time? And more importantly- is this an exception to your plan that you are okay with? Maybe your plan needs to include some flexibility in this area?

  4. Get back to working on your goal- revisit your plan, make any adjustments you need and then get back to taking good care of yourself with your plan. Consistency will get you so much further than perfection.

  5. Repeat as necessary!

  6. Get some coaching to help you out! I would love to work with you towards your preconception, pregnancy and postpartum goals. The Power Passenger Passenger Pregnancy Coaching program is open for 1:1 clients! Book your free consult below:

Also- join me for one or more of my FREE summer pregnancy coaching work shops:

Monday June 20th-

Self Care Tools in Pregnancy

  • Learn a diverse and practical set of tools to create the pregnancy experience you desire

Monday July 11th-

Journaling Tools for Pregnancy

  • Journaling is a way for you to examine your thoughts and feelings, discover what you want and plan how to get there

Monday July 25th-

Moving Through Emotions

  • Processing and allowing emotions is a superpower! I will show you how you can do this safely and effectively

Monday Aug 1st-

Self Advocacy in Pregnancy

  • Empower yourself with the knowledge and intuition to create an confident and amazing pregnancy journey

To register, just email me your info at

Much love,


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